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Did any person else acquire a couple minutes to realize Rikibeth wasn't speaking about the dude from Indiana Jones, LotR, and so on? I am sitting there pondering "I understand it will take every kind, but very seriously, him? With his shirt off??"

2) I'm taking I-95 into town; the quite extensive exit ramp is usually a two-lane parking lot, the merchandise of having the Internal Harbor as well as baseball stadium both equally at the conclusion of it. An ambulance comes up driving us, as the very same exit is for Shock Trauma. No way, I am considering. But...All people -- and I signify Every person -- in the proper lane pulls around so they're 50 percent on the ideal shoulder and 50 % in the proper lane.

My contrast level for This really is MASH's usage of Frank Burns vs Charles Winchester. Humiliating Frank was an just about every-episode affair, and most of his characterization went into producing him unlikeable enough which the viewers would delight in looking at him mistreated. Winchester was in some cases bested by Hawkeye and BJ, but never stopped *figuring out* he was excellent, and Therefore the backwards and forwards with them experienced a completely diverse tone.

For the good thing about those that expressed an fascination while in the "That voice in the head? It isn't really me. -God" T-shirt: it's in print. We are going to have it within the tables this weekend at Conestoga, and at Denvention.

R.M. Koske, #299: I was considering more details on humiliation comedy, which I guess is usually a subset of shame comedy. In the event the target is being particularly arrange for humiliation along with the audience is purported to giggle, then Indeed, you are staying questioned to sympathize with assholes.

which, determined by the amount of the episode relies on humiliation and humiliation humor, I possibly love or view with deep pain. Right now, the episodes airing on Comedy Central are acquiring awkward for me. It won't help that this Good friend shortly afterward introduced me to DVDs of Property,

I'd prefer to echo Kathryn from Sunnyvale's suggestions for cellphone buyers during the U.S.: look up the unexpected emergency expert services immediate-dial cell phone quantities for the municipalities you Regular and software them with your cellphone. I've 'em all prefixed 911 in order that they're alongside one another at the top in the record.

Zed Lopez, #74, I are in a little metropolis just outside an city region and have not experienced trouble receiving possibly the emergency or non-unexpected emergency operators check here on the first ring. Even so, they insist on addresses, which may be challenging. I had a circumstance where by firefighters missed the position mainly because they had an tackle instead of an outline. I was at a Pizza Hut in a shopping mall (only Pizza Hut in city) and an elderly lady turned unconscious. I referred to as 911 and checked her respiratory and pulse -- they had been each light-weight and thready, but ok -- and told 911 that we were within the Pizza Hut in Wellington Station.

I'm really read more sure I have explained this on a former thread, but 999 and 112 work inside the USA, and 911 performs in the UK and the remainder of Europe, 999 operates in Europe - Most recent programs possess the many most typical unexpected emergency figures put in place to work, so the puzzled tourist/customer can continue to get to the crisis services if essential, even when they cannot recall what place they are in...

So Skeptic was not my goal, and I did a drive-by; being aware of whole effectively I might be the goal of extra self serving "wit" and pointless objectifying libels.

Mainly because occasionally cellphone 911 might have a wait time, and if you understand you specially require a certain Section (the thing is against the law in progress, say), it is possible to connect with them straight.

. I do not Consider worse of people who like them, but they're Not My Cup of Tea. Daily life's way too quick to invest it on artwork of any kind that you simply don't like, no matter if unfunny comedies, Critical Guides that you choose to uncover monotonous and pretentious, art that's way too abstract to be aware of, new music that doesn't sound great to the ear, and so on.

Serge @ fifty I am reminded of your Considerably young Pal who professed herself bewildered by my drooling about Sean Bean.

#293, Lee - Is shame comedy normally humor in which you're imagined to sympathize with assholes? The sole shame humor I am able to imagine right now is Fraser, in which his assholishness is absolutely arguable, nevertheless I in no way felt like he was just one to an unsympathetic degree.

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